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Checking account despite SCHUFA

The CardDuo account is a balance-based prepaid service for an optimal cost control without risk. Overdrafts and resulting indebtedness are impossible.

Therefore neither a SCHUFA information nor a creditworthiness inquiry is necessary.

The account can be opened in any case, even with negative SCHUFA.

Withdraw money at any time with the girocard

Using CardDuo, you can withdraw cash from nearly every ATM in Germany by entering your PIN, just as you are accustomed to do with the EC card.

As a prepaid EC card, you can top up your girocard with funds anytime.

The CardDuo plastic card lets you withdraw money in all European countries at any time wherever girocard is accepted.

CardDuo: girocard with an online account

In addition to the CardDuo plastic card, you receive an online account with your own German account number for receiving payments.

You can use the online account functions to make direct debits, SEPA transfers as well as standing orders.

You can access your information through online banking at CardDuo.eu.