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CardDuo: JCB + girocard

With CardDuo, PayCenter brings a product to market that has the advantages of both JCB and girocard.

Girocard is currently the most popular card in Germany. It is widely accepted by merchants because it is economical compared to other electronic payment methods.

Because of its JCB co-branding,CardDuo can be used to make payments in other European countries even if girocard is not accepted.

Prepaid EC card

EC card is a popular topic in Germany. The Debit/EC cards have been issued under the name girocard since 2007.

The JCB girocard gives you an EC card on prepaid basis. To make payments, you must first pre-load the card. As long as there are enough funds on the card, you can make withdrawals or purchases anywhere girocard is accepted.


Ordering process


Order JCB girocard online

Apply for your CardDuo in just a few steps:
Order JCB girocard


Check your identity

Simply visit a post office branch of your choice to verify your identity

Initial Top-up

Top up account
and activate

To receive your plastic JCB card, simply top up your account.


Withdraw money and pay with card

Use your JCB girocard to withdraw money all over Europe or pay at terminals.

Withdraw money at any time

You can withdraw money and make payments anywhere in Germany or in Europe using the JCB girocard. There are currently over 60,000 ATMs and roughly 770,000 terminals throughout Germany.

Incase withdrawal via girocard in foreign European countries is unavailable, CardDuo can utilize the international JCB network.

Can I make ATM cash withdrawals for free?

In addition to the withdrawals subject to costs, there is the possibility of withdrawing cash free of charge. Currently, the following shops offer this service:

  • Aldi Süd
  • Rewe
  • Edeka
  • Penny
  • Netto
  • famila
  • toom

How does a free cash withdrawal work?

When checking out after shopping at the above stores, simply say that you would like to withdraw money. If the total amount of your purchases exceeds a minimum amount of 20 Euros, you can withdraw up to 200 Euros free of charge.

In addition to saving on the fees, you also save a trip to the ATM!

JCB in Germany

JCB is a Japanese credit card company that is mainly widespread in Asia and the US. The JCB cards are already in issuance in other European countries such as Austria and Spain. In Germany, JCB is issued in cooperation with PayCenter.

Over 89 million people already own a JCB card which you can use at 29 million merchants or at ATMs.

Remuneration for the JCB girocard

All JCB girocard fees are listed in the price directory.

Please note: Additional fees are charged for transfers from the card balance and cash withdrawals.


Security features

We can guarantee the highest security standards because of our experience and the collaboration with our certified partner, petaFuel.

Using the various security functions, you can configure and use your JCB girocard to your desired level of security.

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